Benefits of Membership

Character, Charity, Fellowship

National Capital Pond and the Honorable Order of Blue Goose International are so much more than just a fraternal organization for insurance industry professionals. We are a group of true friends, dedicated to promoting advancement in one another’s personal and professional lives.

As a member of National Capital Pond, you will enjoy:

  • Discounted Meeting and Special Events Tickets
  • Monthly Spotlight Member Companies on our Website & Social Media
  • Educational opportunities
  • Fundraisers
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Social gatherings
  • National conventions
  • And more!

The benefits of joining National Capital Pond are many, but can easily be summed up using the three cardinal precepts of Blue Goose: Character, Charity, and Fellowship.


You will grow personally and professionally through seminars, educational opportunities, and networking with other insurance industry professionals.


We work together toward charity, and over the years have donated over $100,000 to many worthy organizations throughout our community. To see some of these organizations please click below.

Charitable Contributions


From meetings to seminars, national conventions to charity events, you will have the opportunity to meet and get to know people you wouldn’t otherwise have encountered. You will form deep, lasting friendships with like-minded professionals that will surpass the boundaries of National Capital Pond Activities.